1. Triple Threat: Serial Entrepreneur David Blake

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    July 7-9, 2021 in San Diego

Equality should not be a privilege but a right for all. We stand with the black community.
Deborah Quazzo Fireside Chat with David & Roxanne Petraeus — WATCH VIDEO

Handshake, Now in 170 Colleges, Raises $20M for Student Job Search

College recruiting has been an inefficient

College recruiting has been an inefficient process, with many schools using different career center technologies in attempts to get the best employers to hire its students. Startup Handshake aims to change this, particularly for students not in what are traditionally considered the “top” schools. The quickly growing startup is used by 3 million...  

(Palo Alto) June 24, 2020 —

While the pace of layoffs might be

Intellispark, an education