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More Popular Than Gmail, Facebook and Instagram: The Education App That Hit #1 on the iOS Chart

Gmail. Instagram. YouTube. Chances are you’ve

Gmail. Instagram. YouTube. Chances are you’ve opened up one of those apps today on your phone (and perhaps spent more time on them than you might like to admit). But earlier this week, one educational app reigned over all in the endless galaxy of apps. According to both Apple and App Annie, a website that tracks the popularity of mobile apps by number of new downloads, Remind, a school communications platform, took the #1 spot on the chart of free iOS apps. It’s a rare feat for an educational tool to best the social and entertainment apps that absorb so much of our attention. “Every time you see a non-social, non-entertainment or non-gaming app top the chart, I would say that’s a pretty big deal,” says Amir Ghodrati, director of market insights at App Annie.

(Palo Alto) June 24, 2020 —

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