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Degreed Acquires Adepto

For the past seven years, Degreed has been

For the past seven years, Degreed has been building a platform to develop and measure the in-demand skills people need for the future. We believe that data about the skills people have (or don’t have) can help organizations make smarter decisions about how they hire, manage, and develop talent. We’ve come a long way. The business has quadrupled over the last two years and the number of people using our platform has tripled in the last year alone. We’ve built a more engaging platform, which helps our customers unlock new insights about the supply of skills within their companies. The next step is helping our customers identify and respond to shifts in the skills that are in demand. So today, we’re pleased to announce that we have acquired Adepto to complete our vision and empower our customers to bridge the divide between the supply and demand for skills.

(Palo Alto) June 24, 2020 —

While the pace of layoffs might be

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