The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning

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Wednesdays in April

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First Program: April 1st

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The Coronavirus has changed the attitudes and behavior of society overnight. And while the global pandemic will eventually be extinguished, the shift of the way people, business, and government go about doing things is likely changed forever.

We’re moving from B.C. to A.D....
”Before Coronavirus, After Disease”

Join a distinguished group of thought leaders in an important and timely program around the accelerated role of online learning in our New World. Speakers on April 1st include Sal Khan, former leaders of the U.S. Department of Education Arne Duncan and Ted Mitchell, and a keynote by Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan.

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Being Digital has been a Megatrend for 30 years, and online learning has gone from a concept to a $100 billion industry. The fundamentals of the Knowledge Economy and Digital Infrastructure have been in place to see a massive market evolve—with COVID-19 clearly a catalyst for the market exploding right now.

Converging technologies such as video, 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and collaboration tools provide a way to reimagine how people learn—which, in many ways, can be superior to the traditional physical model.

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We had the World before Coronavirus. And we will have a New World after this challenge subsides. While we are all going through a turbulent storm right now, over the horizon is the Dawn of a New Age with great promise.

The future is here. Please join us on April 1st for this complimentary online event.

GSV Virtual Summit

April 1, 2020 - 9-11 AM Pacific

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