The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning

We’re pleased to host this group of impactful leaders in our April 8th program around the accelerated role of online learning in our New World. Please visit the Agenda to view sessions and register to reserve your spot.

  1. Mercedes Bent's Photo'
    Mercedes Bent
    Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
  2. Jeanette Betancourt's Photo'
    Jeanette Betancourt
    SVP US Social Impact, Sesame Street
  3. Dr. Marc Brackett's Photo'
    Dr. Marc Brackett
    Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence 
  4. Dan Carroll's Photo'
    Dan Carroll
    Co-Founder & CPO, Clever
  5. Ulrik Christensen's Photo'
    Ulrik Christensen
    CEO, Area9
  6. Ryan Craig's Photo'
    Ryan Craig
    Co-Founder & Managing Director, University Ventures
  7. Amanda DoAmaral's Photo'
    Amanda DoAmaral
    Founder & CEO, Fiveable
  8. Marquita Davis's Photo'
    Marquita Davis
    Deputy Director of Early Learning, Gates Foundation
  9. Susan Enfield's Photo'
    Susan Enfield
    Superintendent, Highline Public Schools
  10. Brian Fitzgerald's Photo'
    Brian Fitzgerald
    CEO & Co-Founder, Tinkergarten
  11. Scott Frauenheim's Photo'
    Scott Frauenheim
    CEO, Distinctive Schools
  12. Walter Gilliam's Photo'
    Walter Gilliam
    Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University
  13. Emily Glassberg Sands's Photo'
    Emily Glassberg Sands
    Head of Data Science, Coursera
  14. Adrian Graham's Photo'
    Adrian Graham
    Co-Founder & CEO, Seesaw Learning
  15. Brian Grey's Photo'
    Brian Grey
    CEO, Remind
  16. Isabelle Hau's Photo'
    Isabelle Hau
    Partner, Imaginable Futures
  17. Alexis Horowitz-Burdick's Photo'
    Alexis Horowitz-Burdick
    Managing Director, LEGO Ventures
  18. Caroline Hu Flexer's Photo'
    Caroline Hu Flexer
    CEO, Khan Academy Kids, Founder, Duck Duck Moose
  19. Rob Hutter's Photo'
    Rob Hutter
    Founder & Managing Partner, Learn Capital
  20. Marie Izquierdo's Photo'
    Marie Izquierdo
    Chief Academic Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  21. Myra Jones Taylor's Photo'
    Myra Jones Taylor
    Chief Policy Officer, Zero to Three
  22. John King's Photo'
    John King
    President/CEO, Ed Trust, 10th U.S. Secretary of Education
  23. Michael Levine's Photo'
    Michael Levine
    SVP, Nickelodeon
  24. Phyllis Lockett's Photo'
    Phyllis Lockett
    CEO, LEAP Innovations
  25. Nancy Lublin's Photo'
    Nancy Lublin
    CEO, Crisis Text Line
  26. Sara Mauskopf's Photo'
    Sara Mauskopf
    CEO & Co-Founder, Winnie
  27. David Miyashiro's Photo'
    David Miyashiro
    Superintendent, Cajon Valley Union School District
  28. Michael Moe's Photo'
    Michael Moe
    Founder, GSV
  29. Mike Olsen's Photo'
    Mike Olsen
    Co-Founder & CEO, Proctorio
  30. Deborah Quazzo's Photo'
    Deborah Quazzo
    Managing Partner, GSV
  31. Tom Rooney's Photo'
    Tom Rooney
    Superintendent, Lindsay Unified School District
  32. Damir Sabol's Photo'
    Damir Sabol
    Co-Founder, Photomath
  33. Valerie Schreiner's Photo'
    Valerie Schreiner
    Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Turnitin
  34. Tommy Sheridan's Photo'
    Tommy Sheridan
    Deputy Director, National Head Start Association
  35. Jim Steyer's Photo'
    Jim Steyer
    CEO & Founder, Common Sense Media
  36. Max Tuchman's Photo'
    Max Tuchman
    Co-Founder & CEO, Caribu
  37. Tom Vander Ark's Photo'
    Tom Vander Ark
    CEO & Partner, Getting Smart

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