The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning

We’re moving from B.C. to A.D….
”Before Coronavirus, After Disease”

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Program starts at 1:30 PM (all times Pacific).

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  1. National Education Leaders & Innovators Speak to a Future Where #BlackLivesMatter


    1:30-2:30 PM


    Henry Hipps
    , Deputy Director K-12 Education, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


    Howard Fuller
    , Founder & Director, Institute for the Transformation of Learning; Co-Founder, The Malcolm X Liberation University; Civil Rights Activist
    * 2015 Lifetime Achievement Honoree *

    Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines, President, Common Ground Foundation; Chicago Public Schools Board of Education
    * 2020 Lifetime Achievement Honoree *

    Phyllis Lockett, CEO, LEAP Innovations
    * 2018 Innovator of Color *

    Michael Sorrell, President, Paul Quinn College
    * 2019 Innovator of Color *

    Thank you to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a founding partner of the Innovator of Color Award, and to Russell Reynolds Associates for its continued support of the IOC award at the ASU GSV Summit.

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