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UiPath Chief People Officer Marius Istrate

GSV AcceleraTE

  • March 4, 2019

This episode, Chief People Officer of UiPath, Marius Istrate joins GSV Ventures Founder and Managing Partner, Deborah Quazzo. UiPath is the global leader in robotic process automation AND the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. UiPath has grown from 100 employees in 3 countries under two years ago to 2,400 employees in 30 countries today AND, most importantly, UiPath was recently acknowledged as the NUMBER 1 rated Unicorn in the world for culture as measured by Comparably. Deborah asks Marius how an organization growing this quickly receives ratings from employees of 97 on “happiness” and 92 and above on gender and diversity. You’ll hear that it’s all about being able to bring your authentic self to work, employee empowerment and perversely the benefits of starting the business in a small, formerly Communist country, where gender equity and valuing diversity come naturally. Don’t miss this fabulous interview and see Marius on StageX at ASU GSV in April!