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Pluralsight Makes Significant Strides in Helping Enterprises Close the Technology Skills Gap with a New Suite that Measures and Verifies Technology Skills

New Capabilities Replace Traditional Methods

New Capabilities Replace Traditional Methods of Benchmarking Talent With a More Efficient Way to Quantify and Develop Team's Technology Skills. Pluralsight, the enterprise technology learning platform, today announced a new skills assessment and development suite that replaces traditional methods for assessing and benchmarking technology talent. The new suite, which includes Pluralsight IQ, advanced skills analytics, and advanced channels analytics, is designed to provide technology professionals and leaders with a fast, accurate, and affordable way to measure technology skills. The new suite uses machine learning and modern testing theory to significantly reduce the amount of time and cost usually dedicated to validating technology skills. Software engineers must re-develop their skills every 12 to 18 months to keep their skills from becoming antiquated, according to Deloitte. This fast pace of technological change makes it difficult for technologists and organizations to remain relevant and competitive. Pluralsight's new skills assessment and development suite empowers individuals and enterprises to identify where their knowledge lies and to develop a plan for acquiring new or strengthening existing skill sets. "Pluralsight IQ is the most advanced assessment solution for technical skills in the market, and will be rapidly adopted by IT professionals to validate their technical expertise," said Cushing Anderson, program vice president at IDC. "Learning only matters if it turns into skills that can be used on a project, to solve a problem or to build a product," said Aaron Skonnard, co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight. "We developed these new capabilities to give technology professionals and leaders real, quantified and actionable insights for developing the skills required to create world-changing products and solutions."

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