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B.C. to A.D.: The Dawn of The Age of Digital Learning — The GSV Virtual Summit Series

Pittsburgh, PA

Elijah Mayfield

Elijah Mayfield is pursuing a Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon in Language Technologies, where he serves as the Entrpreneur in Residence to the school of computer science. Prior to returning to Carnegie Mellon, Elijah launched and served as CEO of LightSide Labs, a divergence from his Ph.D. research in natural language processing and machine learning. The startup received grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation before being acquired by Turnitin in October 2014. Elijah joined Turnitin as the Vice President of New Technologies, where he spearheaded the release of Revision Assistant, a machine-learning based edtech product.

Elijah has spent time as a policy consultant for both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and joined the GSV Strategic Advisory Board in September 2018.