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B.C. to A.D.: The Dawn of The Age of Digital Learning — The GSV Virtual Summit Series

Jessica Lindl

Jessica is the Global Head of Education at Unity Technologies. Jessica has a strong marketing and product management background from her time at Riverdeep, a subsidiary of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and at Scientific Learning.

Jessica gained executive experience as the CEO of GlassLab, Inc., an online portal for educational games, followed by her tenure as COO of LRNG by Collective Shift, which seeks to redesign learning for the connected age so that all youth have an opportunity to succeed. Jessica joined Unity in May 2017 where she works on the cutting edge of technology and gaming development for their learning and education business.

In addition to sitting on the GSV Strategic Advisory Board, Jessica is a Pahara-Aspen Fellow and is an advisory board member for California State University.