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  2. ASU+GSV Summit 2022

    April 4-6, 2022 in San Diego

New York, NY

Early Learning Literacy Platform for Children PK-3

BEGiN, the parent company of the Speakaboos and Homer early childhood literacy and language learning program, is on a mission to provide children the best educational start possible. The platform produces the industry’s highest engagement by combining two award-winning programs supporting “Love to Read” and “Learn to Read, and is the only company with two top 10 subscription services in the Kids and Education categories in the App Store and Google Play.

  • Co-Founder & CEO
    Neal Shenoy
  • Co-Founder & COO
    Noelle Millholt
  • Investment
    Series B in 2014
  • Year founded
  • Segment
    Future of Talent in PreK-12