1. Classplus: India’s Shopify for Education

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  2. ASU+GSV Summit 2021

    August 9-11, 2021 in San Diego

Equality should not be a privilege but a right for all. We stand with the Black and AAPI communities.
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San Francisco, CA

“Learn from the Experts”

MasterClass is the premier online education platform redefining the digital learning experience by bringing world-class experts and renowned instructors to students globally. A cutting-edge technology platform meant to distill knowledge and create meaningful experiences through online video, MasterClass uses deep analytics to build a content library that caters to modern lifelong learners.

Leading the charge for “Hollywood meets Harvard”, the platform currently includes courses from instructors such as Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Curry, Thomas Keller, Shonda Rimes, Ron Howard, Gordon Ramsey, Usher, and Serena Williams.

  • CEO and Co-Founder
    David Rogier
  • CTO and Co-Founder / Creative Director
    Aaron Rasmussen
  • Investment
    Series C in 2017
  • Year founded
  • Segment
    Future of [email protected]