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Boston, MA

Offers students flexible ways to fund their education with Income Share Agreements (ISAs)

Stride Funding offers a risk-free, affordable way to pay for an education. Stride Funding facilitates Income Share Agreements (ISAs) between students and investors to create better financial outcomes for students and superior risk-adjusted returns for investors. With a Stride Income Share Agreement (ISA), students receive an upfront payment from university alumni. In exchange, they pay back via a fixed, agreed-upon percentage of their income for a fixed number of years post-graduation. Stride Funding’s unique student investment model allows alumni to diversify their investment portfolios while also directly funding student education. By sponsoring student education and in return receiving a fixed percentage of graduate monthly income, they generate social good for future generations of Americans.

  • CEO
    Tess Michaels
  • Investment
    Series Seed 2019
  • Year founded
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