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Mountain View, CA

Game-Based Platform for Young Learners to Develop Coding & Critical Thinking Skills

Tynker is a creative computing company empowering millions of kids to learn to program by building games, apps, and more. Tynker’s platform enables kids to master foundational coding skills via an intuitive, visual programming environment. Its universal programming language translates to HTML, iOS, Android, and Linux, and through the platform kids learn to code for fun things like games, apps, class projects, or how to program drones and robots.

Following a 2016 rollout of visual programming functionality for Minecraft, the Tynker team recently unveiled a global partnership with Apple’s youth coding camps across all Apple retail stores. A proven product, Tynker is currently used by a global community of more than 50 million kids across 60,000+ schools. All in all, that adds up to over 2.4 billion lines of code!

  • Co-Founder & CEO
    Krishna Vedati
  • Investment
    Seed in 2012
  • Year founded
  • Segment
    Future of Talent in PreK-12