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Promise Venture Studio Founder Matt Glickman

GSV Ventures

  • March 27, 2019

Matt takes us through his 20+ year career beginning with starting BabyCenter in 1996 and why early childhood is so exciting from social impact, technological, and investing perspectives. With BabyCenter still widely used today, reaching 100M parents monthly with 8 out of 10 new mothers as online users, Matt shares his key entrepreneurial lessons learned and why he believes the company has stood the test of time. Having recently returned back to early childhood post other business ventures, Matt explains his main incentives for starting Promise Venture Studio, which catalyzes and accelerates entrepreneurial ventures driving impact at scale for children 0-5 in the U.S. and the evolution he has seen in the industry. Lastly, given the recent influx of high-profile investments made in early childhood, Matt discusses why the time is now for the industry and identifies areas of innovation in this market he’s most excited about.